Akudo Joy Adiboshi: Alternative Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare is a varied field with plenty of career choices beyond simply working in a doctor’s office or a hospital. Akudo Joy Adiboshi currently works as a nurse in Hollywood, Florida, but there are many other options in the healthcare industry.

For those who enjoy intellectual pursuits a career in the research section of the healthcare industry can be a rewarding and intriguing field. Many doctors who work for universities choose to spend their career studying diseases and work to develop new cures. Alternatively, some choose to go to work for pharmaceutical companies and work on the development of new drugs and treatment options. Another option is to seek a career in education. Most university level teaching positions require, at the very least, a master’s degree, but many school systems have policies in place for hiring teachers who hold bachelor’s degrees in fields other than education.

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The common image of a nursing career is of someone working in a hospital or doctor’s office, but there are several other avenues open to nurses. For example, many workplaces, especially factories and other jobs where there is a high risk of on-site injury, have occupational health nurses on staff to attend injuries suffered by their employees. Similarly, nearly every school and university system has some kind of first aid office with at least one nurse on staff to attend to sick or injured students.

Akudo Joy Adiboshi

Healthcare is a large and growing field and it has plenty of options to suit all different types of personalities and interests whether that be in a traditional job such as Akudo Joy Adiboshi or something else.